Kennel Tips

Bringing your dog to kennels 

Prepare for a calm, stress free transition


Allow Time:  

Happy on holiday at kennels


  • Allow plenty of time to bring your dog.
  • A stressed owner equals a stressed dog.



Paper Work

Happy times at holiday kennels


Vaccination Card:

Happy poodle at kennels

  • Have his/her vaccination card ready.
  • Remember all vaccinations are needed annually.
  • Please allow two weeks for any booster shots to take effect.
  • “Kennel cough” immunisation is essential .




A comfortable snooze at kennels


  • Prepare or decide on bedding.
  • It is best not to have it washed, so it has the smell of home.



Usual Food:

Savouring a chew stick at kennels

  • Please bring your dog’s usual food.
  • Some dogs will not eat for a day or so when they come to the kennels and they will certainly not eat dry nuts if they get scraps at home!
  • Almost any preference can be facilitated, so please provide information on how they like their food so as to minimise upset.



Favourite Toys:

Great games at kennels


  • We welcome owners to bring favorite toys.
  • This contributes to the “home from home” atmosphere for your dog.



Calm Energy:

Enjoying life at kennels


  • When it’s time to say goodbye, try to be matter-of-fact as this conveys a calm energy to your dog.
  • If you fuss and look back with sadness, your dog will pick up on this too.
  • Relax, knowing that it is our aim to ensure your dog has a great holiday, while you enjoy yours.