Kennels with a difference

A Professional, yet Family Touch


Kennels incorporated into our gardens

“Home from Home” Kennels

  • We provide a “home away from home” environment, but with a professional touch.
  • The kennels are incorporated into our garden. This ensures your dog is part of our everyday family life.
  • We ask you to complete a detailed form so that we have the information needed to provide your dog with a safe and comfortable stay at our kennels.



A Medical Background

  • We endeavour to tailor your dog’s stay with us to suit his/her needs, be they medical or behavioural.
    • Our nursing background,
    • Diploma in dog psychology and
    • Canine First Responder course, help provide us with the skills to work towards this.
  • If your dog requires medication to be administered, we are happy to do this at no extra cost.
  • We will contact your vet if we have any concerns about the health of your dog while he/she is in our care.
  • If this situation occurs outside your vet’s opening hours, and there is no emergency support available, we may contact another vet.


Secure, Clean Environment

  • As the kennels and garden/runs are right at the house, the dogs are supervised on a constant basis and can therefore be monitored easily for their well-being.
  • Every day the kennels are cleaned out and water is changed several times.
  • The garden and runs are also cleaned daily and water provided here is also kept fresh.


Individual Care, Comfort and Exercise

  • Your dog is exercised every day, according to your instructions. We offer walks, games and general socializing with other dogs.
  • The radio or ‘dog relaxation’ music is played throughout the day.
  • We welcome owners to bring their own bedding, toys and food, as we believe this is best for your dog, but we do have these on site, so either way your dog will be provided with their needs.