Day Care and Boarding Kennels

Family to family care and facilities

  • We aim to provide a “Home away from Home” experience, but with a professional touch.
  • Each dog has its own spacious, airy kennel.
  • Kennels are painted brightly, have a window for natural light, a raised bed and heating.


  • We never mix dogs from different owners in the kennels. However they are able, with your consent, to socialize outside with other dogs, where characters are compatible.
  • Our facilities include a large garden, as well as runs. This means the dogs are free to move about in a secure environment.
  • The radio or ‘dog relaxation’ music is played throughout the day.
  • We are situated on a quiet road and surrounded by seven acres of our own land so we have plenty of choice of walks.


We welcome you to visit our kennels.